Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

We are surrounded by everyday things that have amazing secrets hidden in them.
For example, have you ever wondered what those little hooks on the wings of aircraft are used for, or why escalators have those brushes along the sides and what purpose do they serve? Well, today we are going to find out and take a look at some objects with incredible hidden features that you may not know about.



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41 thoughts on “Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

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  2. I wish the road construction people would pay more attention when marking them into the road.
    There are way to many that are actually IN the driving area of the road.

  3. Come on dude, the margins were not invented just to protect the text from mice. Marginalia, illumination, protecting the text from dirty fingers, etc, just to name a few.

  4. The numbers are also for the cashiers on how they punch in the produce item.
    4011 – bananas
    94011 – organic bananas

  5. Who else think the yellow thing on the wing on the airplanes look like a superhero mask?🤣 Please don’y tell me I’m the only own who have thought that since I was little ….

    Btw… The brushes on escalators… I brushed my feet on purpose against it only 2 weeks ago😂

  6. Here's one.
    If you're driving on the thruway, those big green road signs tell you the name of the road. Above the sign will be a smaller sign with an Exit Number. If this smaller sign is placed on the Left, it means your Exit is coming up on the left. And if the smaller sign is placed on the Right of the big sign, your Exit is coming up on the right.

  7. The numbers on the produce stickers are the plu codes (the codes the cashiers ring through), since loose produce doesn't have a barcode … so if your ever going through a u-scan and don't know the plu, punch in that code

  8. These are not amazing secrets and at best some were interesting but it felt like you were scrambling to get some facts into a 7 minute video.

  9. Fantastic! all those years driving my car, and I NEVER thought of the headrest being used fer such an emergency! Well the window hammer safety device won't be sold anymore… cars already got one (or 4) ROFL

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