Amazing talker a scam?

I hope this review helps give you a little more information if amazing talker is for you I have colleagues ask if this company is legit or not, whether if its a scam whatever
hope this helps If I miss a lot of key points you can put it on the comment section below
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16 thoughts on “Amazing talker a scam?

  1. Do you get any students at Amazing Talker, or is it like P%&f*&h Freeeeetalk where you get a job; scam calls on the first day and then absolutely no students?

  2. Your video is brilliant, but the back ground music is so loud, I cannot hear you clearly….cut the music, I want to listen to you and not the music!

  3. I passed the demo today, feel like shit after watch your video hope get some student. Your English is great. I like to classified you as a native speaker.

  4. Its NOT a SCAM its just a matter of HOW you MARKET yourself … Take it easy if this company is not for you be it .. MOVE ON !!!!!!!!

  5. You can try verbling, and italki too. I tried Preply, but they charges A LOT for the commission. Verbling and italki takes 15%.
    For Amazing talker, I just applied and going to have my demo tomorrow.
    They plus a bit percentage on the price you set, and they also charge the tax as well. So overall, the teacher kinda needs to set the price higher comparing to in other platforms.
    This is what I'm worrying about now. Because the price can look more "intimidating" in some way. I guess lots of teachers understand what I'm saying ? 🙁

  6. So the lack of students would be the problem with amazing talker? I was thinking of applying but I'm a bit hesitant whether they're becoming like native camp. I'd like to avoid having a ghost account 🙊
    Do you have recommendations for an ESL platform that pays well? I've been teaching for almost 3 years.

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