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Hiring!! The greatest opportunity to earn dollars for NON – NATIVE speakers has come. Amazing company can give you your requested rate as long as you can defend it. Students are Taiwanese, Thai, . It is 24 hour platform you can open your available slot anytime you want. The good thing is there will be no penalties for absent! Apply now
.step by step application
ESL tutor
Homebased tutor
Hiring process
Subscribe and the link for level 2 application will flash on the video don’t skip avything:D
How to get hired in Amazing talker
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To avail 120 Hour TESOL Certification

Watch out for the link for the AMAZIng TALKER DEMO recorded. Please watch the whole video to see the link


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17 thoughts on “Amazing Talker Online tutor, Online teaching

  1. Hi , nice vid. I have a sizable following as an ESL teacher and an considering joining the platform. Can you release that second vid and tell us more about you exp so far ? How does the teacher training part work ? Thanks

  2. I'm teacher on amazing talker , I reside in south Africa. Firstly my issue is such that I receive email that I'm matched with a student and once I rush online ,,,its says taken. I cannot understand dynamics of this because often our netwrk is few seconds slower in speed so even though my page is open and ready , I'm still unsuccessful. I have tried and tried and til date not a student ,,,I have studied English as law module , I have special classes to suit needs of different students but wow I'm still unsuccessful . I often feel students prefer teacher of one race or accent . So hopefully this issue is rectified after all what's point saying that you an online teacher but your rating is forever 1….kindly advise

  3. Thank you for the video …. I am a new teacher on amazing talker and the system is sending me notifications trying to match me with a student but while I try to go to the website in 5 minutes, I lose the student and the system says that I should be faster !!!
    What should I do ?

  4. Hi! Amazing video. Am a Nigerian resident in South Africa with a Masters degree. Am currently studying towards a phd and doing my TEFL, please Do you think i stand a chance?

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