America's Next Top Model – All Winners – Fadeout – Cycle 1-22

So antm with hosting of Tyra is over and here is all winners from cycle 1 till 22. Who is your favorite model and winner? But it will be back with brand new cycle and new host Rita Ora 🙂


21 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model – All Winners – Fadeout – Cycle 1-22

  1. Here are the ones i wanted to win each season (the ones I watched at least):

    S1: Elysee
    S2: Mercedes
    S3: Eva
    S4: Naima
    S5: Nik
    S6: Danielle
    S7: CariDee
    S8: Natasha
    S9: Saleisha
    S10: Anya
    S11: McKey
    S12: Allison
    S13: Nicole
    S14: Krista
    S15: Chelsey
    S16: Brittani
    S17: Allison
    S18: Sophie

    S19- S24: Did not watch

  2. My opinion only, YOANNA is the most successful winner of ANTM. She had walked several fashion shows, many magazine spread and cover, also she had host several tv shows.

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