America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Portfolio Battle

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Portfolio Battle
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SOUNDTACK : Dominique Reighard – Super Sexy
TOP 4: Adam, Lenox, Keith & Will


27 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Portfolio Battle

  1. Lenox ATE this entire cycle up photo wise. Her only competitions were Will and Chantelle, and Lenox still delivered every single week!

  2. This was the worst cycle ever lmao they were all so forgettable and lackluster. Only season i didn't watch to the end.

  3. Lenox is not modeling, even her ig account is private, she's a psychologist and is in a relationship with her girlfriend

  4. Still support Lenox and Will <3
    About Keith, even though he was not a strong contestant in show, but cant refuse that he has a high fashion face and his photos were not ugly

  5. 1-Will

    Keith = 3
    Will = 8
    Adam = 1
    Lenox = 10

  6. actually I like all pictures of Keith. He isn't my favourite but I find that his pictures look the most model-ish so I think he really is the rightful winner.

  7. Lenox has one of the best photos in the show but she was very inconsistent that’s probably why she lost

  8. Hermoso vídeo, claro siempre Ganando Lenox. Ella es la mejor , Will, segundo, Keith , tercero, y Adán , Cuarto.

  9. Every photo of lenox was amazing. But not that vampire video and that Marilyn Monroe photo. But the rest is soooooo amazing.

  10. You guys are boring asf and most of you don’t even know what modeling and fashion means !! Lenox is a beautiful model but she has to work a lot to be a super model. She is photogenic of course but… Do not forget that as a model you have to be/play sexy, have to know how to walk on runways and have a charisma and she doesn’t. They know what they are doing stop saying that she deserves to be 1st just because of her personality. Stop being sentimental it is ridiculous

  11. Either Lenox or Will should've won it. Keith has the same expression from the beginning. And his poses are kinda amateur.

  12. Adam is a total disappointment to the modeling industry. He drinks all the time. There's no high fashion in him what so ever.
    Will is awsome. The only photo that he had that took me off my seat was his wet and wild one. He is a great role model but there is something missing from him.
    Lenox is pretty cool. The third week she should've went home. She is a great but she should've left. She got a 1 from Tyra. There were other weeks she was weak. But some that were AMAZING!!!
    Keith is very high fashion. He had some Fantastic photos that could've been in Magazines. He deserved the title for ANTM.

  13. Casting: Lenox
    Makeover: Lenox
    Water: Lenox
    Twofold illusion: Lenox
    Commercial: Will
    Hair: Lenox
    Ice: Lenox
    Futuristic: Lenox
    Mitch Stone (duo): Will
    Mitch Stone (solo): Keith
    Wings: Adam
    Bags: Keith
    Shoes: Will
    Elvis/Marilyn: Adam
    B&W: Lenox
    W/ Tyra: Lenox

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