America's Next Top Model's Most Incredible Transformations

America’s Next Top Model is the reality show we’ve been most obsessed with, ever since its debut in 2003. And throughout the many years – and many model-hopefuls – we all anxiously awaited the incredibly fun makeover episode, each season. Here are the most incredible transformations in Top Model history…

Whitney Thompson | 0:20
Jeana Turner | 0:46
Brittani Kline | 1:11
Naima Mora | 1:38
Fatima Siad | 2:09
Alexandra Agro | 2:54


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44 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model's Most Incredible Transformations

  1. from the faces many can be seen the character is bad,sometines just dont kw why the americans like this kind of “stars”,maybe i know sth.
    about “face language”……

  2. How you forget about cycle 2 shandy and amanda from cycle 3 those makeover was astonishing and irreplaceable love those makeovers

  3. Jeana was an inspiration to bald women everywhere. Bald can be beautiful. She is just stunning. Ditch the wigs and be proud to be you!

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