ANTM Cycle 20 (America's Next Top Model)


This is about the message that I got the other day to participate in ANTM cycle 20.
Also – you if you’ll interested, I have uploaded a Video with my going through my portfolio. 🙂 Any questions, just shoot me a message 😀 and as per JAN 7, 2013, no updates on ANTM.
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24 thoughts on “ANTM Cycle 20 (America's Next Top Model)

  1. 一点点。 我说广东话yinwei我爸爸是香港人。国yu我中国上海学了。:)我看你是台湾人。 i lived in Taipei for 6 weeks 😀 working。

  2. Unfortunately no 🙁 . I'll be uploading a mega update. Since I got a tv/fim agent same as Mark Salling from Glee 😀 So maybe Top Model didnt work out but 😉 I'm still happy

  3. dont go on the show… ur too good for this. this show will ruin ur career as a model because u wont be seen as anything more than a reality star.

  4. Hey! This is my first time ever watching one of your vids, but I think you'll do a great job on ANTM! You look like a model and you seem like a great guy. Your concerns about doing reality tv are totally understandable, but I think you should go for it(:

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