Apple iPad Pro 2020: Here's what's new

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Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro 2020 edition and it is a big upgrade over the 2018 model, while at the same time Apple has cut the price. There is also a new Magic Keyboard for the iPad that brings it closer than it ever was to a Macbook, and in many ways, this tablet is an answer to Microsoft’s Surface line of tablet/laptops.

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34 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro 2020: Here's what's new

  1. iPad Pro 2020 features: 11" and 12.9" size, supports new Magic Keyboard ($300 separate purchase) with a trackpad for a laptop-like experience, iPhone 11 like camera setup + LiDAR scanner for AR, new A12Z chip, 6GB RAM, $800 starting price.
    More info here:

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