Beginning Russian: Adjectives. Adjective-Noun Agreement

In this video, you will learn the adjectives of color and some other common adjectives to describe people and things. You will also learn about Russian adjective endings and how to agree adjectives and nouns in the nominative case. Recommended for the beginning level.


34 thoughts on “Beginning Russian: Adjectives. Adjective-Noun Agreement

  1. The music is very irritating. You such an excellent presentation… but the music takes away from it. Keeps me from learning and repeating the lessons. Take the music off..!!!

  2. Please teacher ,what is the difference between Русский & российский ? when I should use each of them ???!!!!!

  3. I just memorized all the colors and words you used in this program, but didn't know how to use them appropriately. This explains very simply and I can use this everyday!!

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  5. So far this is the best explanation of how to use adjectives and descriptions of the endings. It is very hard for me to speak Russian well if I don't understand this well, but you did a wonderful job. Keep doing more of these. You make me love Russian more.Большое спасибо

  6. Dear Olga: How do you differenciate a male dog from a female dog? For example: If I say: Моя черная собака. How can you know if I have a male dog or a female dog?

  7. Very useful and clearly lesson, and i was wondering for example in Genitive, why oe take the plural ых ? Because i know that for plural the endings are ые/ие and use ых or их.

  8. I just love your lessons,- I am expecting to see an opposite verbs list. like: (to go and to come,) to- clean – dirty, to depart , to arrive, go up, come down, to buy , to pay, etc – I have problems constructing my frases becouse I never know the opposites.

  9. hello,why saying это with all genders and not using эта это этот with feminine neuter and masculine respectively.thanks in advance.

  10. Да, замечательно. какой интересный. 5++++++
    Awesome and very useful. I have subscribed and will continue to follow your presentations.

  11. I was in line at a club last night and the bouncer wouldnt let me in. I told him "you know I subscribe to Amazing Russian?"…..he apologized, let me in, and gave me two free drink coupons….

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