Behati Prinsloo On How Husband Adam Levine Helped Her Through Postpartum Lows & More | TODAY

At 5-foot-11-inches, Behati Prinsloo was called names like “giraffe” and “grasshopper” growing up. Now the supermodel, who’s working with the Save the Rhino Trust, loves her legs and feels “blessed by them.” She also opens up about her postpartum lows and how husband, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, helped her through it.

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40 thoughts on “Behati Prinsloo On How Husband Adam Levine Helped Her Through Postpartum Lows & More | TODAY

  1. Being 5'8 even is considered way too tall in my part of the world (Sri Lanka) …ive had the same issues… growing up before all the boys …ive felt way awkward too but what she says is true…the height really matters when it comes to the ramp n i realised it after winning a title myself back in school… tall girls ftw 😋

  2. I am over 30 and people still have to remind me how skinny I am, but I don't care. Because it's beautiful and healthy and I can wear anything I want to wear as all clothes fit me.

  3. She is super inspiring to me as a model myself. My mom could have been such an amazing model too. She is 1.83 cm and used to be bullied for her legs and freckles. What a natural beauty she is, now I hope to live her legacy <3

  4. I don't think that this title encompassed what her interview was about at all. The part about her husband was extremely small. She spoke about more personal and social issues and that should be reflected in the title of the video. It should show her identity as an individual, not her identity as Adam Levine's wife and mother of his children.

  5. I would do anything to have her legs, or to be tall. I would do anything to be teased for being really tall or having long legs. I’m 5’5 and my dream is to be a high fashion model, ever since I was 10 years old. Tired of, still to this day, after 6 years, crying myself to sleep because the chances of me getting to make my dream a reality that realistically doesn’t exist, pretty much.
    So all the super tall girls out there, be proud and happy, there are people crying to have what you have ❤️

  6. Honey to become a models you don't need syse 8 and 9 and 10 the best helthy syes is 10 longest you don't have big tummy and beautiful it's fine I believe you got it public sector voted 4.3 Bilions like it congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

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