Best All White Sneakers Under $100/Adidas Stan Smith Vs. New Republic Kurt

In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses the best all white sneakers. He talks about which all white sneakers are better, the adidas stan smith or the new republic kurt.

New Republic Kurt Leather Sneaker
Adidas Stan Smith


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49 thoughts on “Best All White Sneakers Under $100/Adidas Stan Smith Vs. New Republic Kurt

  1. Feel like im watching teaching mens fashion haha cool! Im confused to choose between these twos ok imma continue watching

  2. New Republic Kurt for me. No offense but I hate Stan Smiths. They are not that popular where I live and the ones that do wear it are high school kids. So, it just screams high school kid to me. I always hear adult fashion Youtubers talk about Stan Smiths but have never actually seen an adult wear them in real life.

  3. Hi! Very nice video! This summer i bought this pair of shoes, Jack&Jones… they look good … check them if you want:

  4. Its funny i was looking for sneakers and new republic showed up in google as a choice. Decided to look up a video and who comes up real OG with a great video on my favorite sneakers stan Smith and also on new republics. Great video even though its a bit older. I already have the stan Smith soi guess i am buying the new republic then.

  5. I respectfully disagree since the New Republic hasn't stood the test of time and may be out of style by next year where as the stan smith has been around since 1972. Would love to hear your opinion

  6. I couldn't agree more on the review. I think the Stan Smith is great for how classic it is, and it absolutely has a place in someone's wardrobe, but in terms of versatility & overall minimalist look, gotta go with the Kurt (which I actually just picked up, and so far so good!)

  7. The reason why New Republic Kurt look better is that they are not sneakers in fact, they are casual shoes, they were never designed for people doing sport with them. While Stan Smith are real sneakers, they were designed for people playing tennis, so you can found many athlete features on them. That is why New Republic Kurt, or other minimal white 'sneakers' always tend to look better, casual shoes go well with your casual outfits.

  8. i would go for the New Republic since it's less bulky & i already owned that adidas when i was still young that makes me not like the adidas since it's nothing new to me.

  9. Those are some great options. I have all white Puma Baskets. There are different brands that do the all white sneaker very well. Just find the one that fits your style the best.

  10. Hey man, thanks for the video.
    Question: Are you the same size on both the Kurts and the Stans? Want to order the Kurts, but I’m unsure about my size.

  11. Love Adidas, but damn, the New Republic is sleek and clean, it would make my big feet look more svelte, better to dress up.

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