Best LOL Moments 2019 (Snipe, Outplay, Prediction…)

🔹 Best League of Legends Moments 2019 (Snipe, Outplay, Prediction…)
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➥ intro: Kygo – Firestone
➥ outro: Vexento – Lonely Dance
➥ Vendredi – Break Free (feat. Lara)

➥ Nightcore Something Right

➥ Ascence – Rules [NCS Release]

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43 thoughts on “Best LOL Moments 2019 (Snipe, Outplay, Prediction…)

  1. Wow this is way better than building, defusing bombs and stealing souls, because that stuff is boring apparently, due to an ad. There is clicking, clicking, some surprised noises, clicking, perfect content to get hyped from, not shooting, defusing, and other stuff on the ad. There is also the "fingers part, which is more like finger.

  2. Heeeeeyy i would like to sent you a lot of moments with akali to montage them all and i deserve it main akali herre;

  3. 3 clips of yasuo ulting, 3 or 4 clips of darius ulting, and a master to clip…so outplay. Much wow. Lamest shit in the game.

  4. most of the clips are from darius yasuo just from noob champs wich you can 1 be 5 easy even if you´re team sucks, btw that orianna yasuo combo was nice but gragas nearly ruined it inside of yasuos ulti to use his ulti..

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