Best Season 10 Cho'God Build Guide 🔥 How to Counter SETT EASILY 🔥 LoL Cho'Gath vs Sett s10 Gameplay

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Best Season 10 Cho’God Build Guide 🔥 How to Counter SETT EASILY 🔥

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Full Magic Penetration #ChoGath vs #Sett TOP LANE Build SoloQ Ranked 2020 new Season 10 Gameplay League Of Legends

You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES For ChoGath Season 10?
Full Magic Penetration Season 10 Runes Mobafire Guide:

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21 thoughts on “Best Season 10 Cho'God Build Guide 🔥 How to Counter SETT EASILY 🔥 LoL Cho'Gath vs Sett s10 Gameplay

  1. Today we will have and after your request we will have a special WITCHER 3 Stream: I am sure it will be tons of fun 💙

  2. liandry on cho? are you high? buy morello not liandry.
    Liandry is more helpful when you have dot type damage.
    Also cho ulti has short cd, keep using it until you cant.

  3. Your teammates are so toxic that it's a much better choice to lose the game than to carry them. They are lucky because cho is a god when you use it my friend.

  4. @BaLoRi hello dude. Ur build and Ur gameplay with Cho is really the best. My ratio is surely better since im started to use it. Just one suggestion… Sometimes (if no tank or no MR in other team) can u think doing morellonomicon instead of liandry is better no ?
    For more pene and hemoragy effect

  5. You're teammates act like they know what to do, yet they are so embarassing cause they're always wrong. Proving them wrong was better than winning the game

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