Best Things To Do in HANOI, VIETNAM | Must Watch!

Welcome to a 2-part video exploring HANOI, VIETNAM. On the first episode, we’ll tour the streets of Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Ninh Binh (where King Kong The Skull Island was set!). Indulge yourselves with beautiful landscapes and a peek at their delicious cuisine. Have you tried egg coffee before? Or our all-time favorite Bun Cha? This is just the start, can’t wait to share all 3 videos with you.

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Eka Gomez is a filmmaker based in the Philippines. She provides directing, cinematography, and video editing services to wildlife organizations, dive resorts, companies, and brands that aim to promote and protect the underwater world.

Today, her work revolves around her passion for saving the seas, diving, and creating high quality photo & video content with collaborators.

This ocean citizen has an open mind to endless creative filming possibilities and wants to save the oceans with you.
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32 thoughts on “Best Things To Do in HANOI, VIETNAM | Must Watch!

  1. Hi Eka, what is the best way going from Noi Bai International Airport to the city specifically the old quarters where my hotel is located? My arrival at the airport will be around 730AM.

  2. I think your from philippines .. The way you talk and ofcourse your accent.. Btw im here now in vietnam for vacation. So thats why i found your video.. Thanks for that.

  3. May I know, what is the name of tour agency to Hanlong Bay?
    My trip to Hanoi is on 21st September as well, and I really want to visit Halong Bay after watching your Video!
    Thank you.

  4. Kogel Mogel was invented by the Jewish community in Poland in 17th century(same as coffee came to Europe for the first time), not in 1946, and was very popular through communities in central and eastern Europe and was brought to Vietnam by French. Sorry, Vietnam – not Your invention. You ask any old generation in Poland – born before 1946 and they remember drinking it with coffee.

  5. Please keep up the amazing work! Just found your channel and fell in love with this video. You do a great job of story telling and the video footage is perfect!

  6. Hey Guys, great video! I was wondering about your drone pictures, did you have a permit? How are the locals feeling about such things? Thanks in advance for an answer, would really appreciate it! 🙂

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