(Best Value Indoor Shoe) Adidas Samba Classic – Review + On Feet


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34 thoughts on “(Best Value Indoor Shoe) Adidas Samba Classic – Review + On Feet

  1. Those things last I had gotten my first pair when I was in 9th or 10th grade those suckers lasted until my first semester in college for sure one of the best shoes I’ve had I started college in 09 so I’m asking for a new pair for Christmas this year I feel adidas anything is well made and built to last although adidas stuff is pricy but they last quality over quantity

  2. Best shoe I have ever owned alone with the ‘Circa Vulc 99’ high tops,
    durable as hell and amazingly comfort with the gel insole. Top quality shoe that isn’t declining in price, for good reason.
    The Classic all the way, not the OG. The high tongue is actually very useful and it doesn’t rub on your shins.

  3. I wear these everyday! Love them. I do have a wider toe area and just have to relace to fit that but with this shoe I'm always ready to kick the ball around..!

  4. I wish you would call them trainers or snickers. Not shoes as you say. You have sold it for me. I'll buy some. Good review though ty

  5. Unfortunately, although Adidas advertises the current Samba Classic (long tongue shoe) as having all leather uppers, they are now manufactured with synthetic uppers but Adidas refuses to truthfully say so even though I've talked to their US customer service.

    I dont know about you, but if Im being told that my shoe is leather, I don't think it's acceptable to call synthetic/ plastic material leather.

    My Samba OG's and Roms ARE leather as advertised, Samba Classic's ARE NOT!

    Not sure if they list the materials honestly on their non US website.

    Perhaps they think that Americans are all clueless. Reminds me of the V.W. diesel gate scandal on a smaller scale.

    Synthetics are fine and 100% acceptable as long as you don't call them leather. That isn't't too big of an expectation is it?

  6. just got the white and black Samba Classics. Pretty sure that the black ones are NOT leather, but of a synthetic/plastic upper.

    If you view the corporate website, go to Samba Classic in Black, then read Description text. It ckearly states leather upper.

    NOW, view SPECIFICATIONS: There, it states SYNTHETIC for lightweight and durable.

    If the BLACK Samba classics are indeed made of synthetic/plastic material, then it might be good to not market them as leather if they're not. Leather and plastic aren't' the same.

    I pointed out the website decrepency to Adidas, and they're going to let me know whether my pair of white nd black Samba Classics (made in Vietnam) are leather, synthetic, or a combination of both.

    If anyone cares to know what their response is, say so and I'll post.

    I think white may be leather, or partial leather, but black are synthetic/plastic I'm pretty sure.

    Nothing wrong with synthetic materials, V.W. makes super quality and durable "leatherette" seating material in many models.
    They call it LEATHERETTE because it isn't leather.

    Hope they clarify and fix the site. Anyway the white are super comfortable and fit like a glove, not a feeling of bulk, more like it's part of your foot.

    Might exchange the black synthetic for another white pair.

  7. i have one nike magistas and looking for these i love the designs classic 80s and just nothing can beat the style of it.

  8. Would it be reasonable to wear these playing on artificial turf (the kind with the black beads)? Or would I be sliding all over the place?

  9. I never knew these were made for indoor football/futsal. I use mine for casual use lol. I prefer this one compared to the new knitted samba.

  10. Will they stretch after time? I just bought them and my big toe nail touches the top of the shoe a bit…..?? Thanks

  11. I know you said it somewhere, but how much will it stretch? My copa mundials have stretched a lot. Should i still go true to size or get a 8-1/2 like my copas. Or a size 9.

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