Better than premium white sneakers? Adidas Stan Smith Review (CQ2469)

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We all know that the Adidas Stan Smith is a classic sneaker and a great value. Question is, how does it compare to a more expensive sneaker?


Ricardo Preto White Sneaker Review –

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  1. Jon Clark 5 days ago

    Adidas Stan Smith 100% for me 👍

  2. Clubmaster 5 days ago

    I will buy this pair today and the salesman said that it was geniune leather. Is it true?

  3. Boboiboy@93 5 days ago

    I know why the Stan smith attracts lot of dirts, and it because the nature of full grain leather upper used on the particular model. Its the best type of leather any brand could get especially for the price. A tip, try to condition it with leather conditioner and top it with protecter. It will be good to go. Nontheless, nice review!

  4. Blaq Byrd 281 5 days ago

    If you condition your sneakers with a premium leather conditioner it will help decrease hard creasing.

  5. James Mastrili 5 days ago

    Guys dont forget that theres a synthetic leather lining which means it can wear off overtime and cause cracks, take a look closer at :34 and you can see a few cracks. Just a quick reminder for you stan smith lovers 🙂

  6. 3RDY Vlogs 5 days ago

    Nice review!

  7. natarajan s 5 days ago

    Is this model pure white or yellow tint? Found lace is much more white than the shoes?

  8. Jude Agca 5 days ago

    Nice review Shaun. I’d love to see your take on some local brands; I think Marikina shoes will be a good start since they’re currently having a bazaar so I’m sure you’ll get some good prices there.


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