blackpink trying to use samsungs


this video was so much fun to make!! we’ll be doing a video for her channel too so look out for it💗
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blackpink being secret iphone users is so funny😭but honestly they’re the best samsung promoters ugh queens!!


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28 thoughts on “blackpink trying to use samsungs

  1. Rose: Unnie do you know the paasword

    Jisoo: No Bitch

    Me:No Samsung for you

    3 week later

    Jisoo: recording on samsung on stage

    Jennie:omai wa mou shideiru

    Jisoo:oh shit

    Jisoo:Yg is gonna beat my ass

    Jennie:dumb ass

    War Of Samsung

  2. U know I use to have an iPhone but then I got an oppo which is android or whatever and my guy friend has a iPhone I was trying to give him my number…… But I didn't know how to use an iPhone. He asked if I ever had a apple I said yes and he said then why don't u know how to use it…… Bich 2 years without an Iphone u expect me to know how to use one

  3. never understand why they're samsung exlcusive, don't see chanel telling Jennie to not wear other brands or Celine telling Lisa to not wear other designer

  4. I actually dreamt about that blackpink samsung, and bruh, I look f**kin good in the camera but suddenly I woke up. Bro I want that phone >:c

  5. But though they are supporting their nation….Samsung is quite good phone better then other. Just because iphone is too expensive people think it's good but no.😂😂😂my 7plus was death with in one and half year…just because I dropped it too much😂😂I do same thing with my android too but never got a death body yeah I have broken screen😂

  6. The fudge HAHAHAHAHA literally me when I first encounter the latest samsung phone when I'm an iPhone user HAHAHAHA. I don't even realize that I'm taking selfie if the staff didn't tell me to delete the photos

  7. Omygoooddd yess i was literally on the floor after that time koreaboo released that article and out of nowhere they started promoting them samsungs its just so funny to me😭😂

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