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Legally Blind Man Shows How He Sees The World By Creating Hypnotizing GIFs …Native American George Redhawk doesn’t let his blindness stop him from creating surreal, morphing GIFs. He began to lose his vision while teaching medicine, including phlebotomy, but the disability forced Redhawk to give up his trade after four years. Suffering from visual distortions created by his mind trying to fill the gaps in his vision, he turned to computer technology to create “The World Through My Eyes” series.

“I was inspired…by a need to express what I am experiencing with my loss of sight,” Redhawk says. “There is a process my mind goes through as I try to discern what I am looking at, a type of morphing and transitioning in my vision as my brain tries to make decisions based upon faulty data being sent by my eyes. It is this process that I try to express with my motion effects. It is designed to challenge, confuse, and in some cases, disturb your visual sense of ‘order.’”

George Redhawk turns photographs and digital art into mesmerizing GIFs. It’s especially impressive because he’s legally blind and that’s why his collection of works is titled ‘The World Through My Eyes’. With the help of computer software, he creates eerie animations that feature a wide range of themes and aesthetics.

Music: Kaddish (Angelic Instrumental) by Dhruva Aliman

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3 thoughts on “Blind Artist Creates Amazing GIF Images – George Redhawk

  1. It's impressive editing but the original images and artworks are not his. And none of these artists have been credited.

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