Cheap North Face Bargain Shopping In Vietnam

During our recent trip to Vietnam, my wife and I decided to do some bargain shopping in the markets in the Hanoi Old Quarter, which is flooded with shops selling discount athletic goods.

We ended up buying a lot of North Face goods, including some jackets, hiking shoes, socks, hats, waist pouch bags, and more. We’re not sure if this is real north face or not, but the quality appears to be really good and we saved a lot of money by our calculations (included in the video).

Can’t wait to use our new sports equipment and north face gear on our next adventure!

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23 thoughts on “Cheap North Face Bargain Shopping In Vietnam

  1. The armor shirts, I also bought 2 but for $3 each. Originally he wanted 3.50$/each. The jackets you got for $22/each… I made the rookie/amateur move by also buying it for $21.5. I wasn't prepared for the cold weather and the rain. I also know if there were shops around my hotel and wasn't sure how far it was from the first shop I went. I didn't want to risk it, but there were shops around my hotel and when I showed them the jacket I was wearing, they told me 300-350,000 which is like $15. If they offer you a price, chances are they'll still make a decent profit at half the price. I also bought a backpack and shoes for 400,000 (17$) each.

  2. i bought a beats earphone in hong kong. i haggled hard, i thought i ended up up winning. but it started falling apart the next day, lol. but it's still interesting. if those stuff holds up, it's all good and it's a bargain. I've bought some north face hiking socks in kathmandu during my trek in the himalayas, and a northface waterproof pants, man they held up pretty well, was kinda wary if they were knockoffs. i still use that north face hiking socks to this day coz they provide so much support and cushion.

  3. You don't need to go to vietnam for deals like this i think.
    I noticed one of your things has the same lable as my aliexpress 10 dollar cycling clothes 😀

  4. Going to ho chi min next week so I’m going to get one of those (bum) bags. Cycling from there to Bangkok so I need a waterproof bag also for my camera. Well worth watching for that tip!

  5. You can check it out this outlet in the new community (林口 station of the airport train express line) of Taipei,

  6. Niiiiice deals Gotta say, Green team lol. Exited for the upcoming hiking u should make a video about those japanese games u mentioned.

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