CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE adidas Predator 18+ football boots explained

All adidas Predator 18+ football boots explained. Now that adidas finally has released the adidas Predator, it’s time look at how the different price points compare – from the high-end football boots, the adidas Predator 18+, to the budget option, the adidas Predator 18,3. While some of the biggest stars are going to wear the adidas predator 18+ some of the world’s top, top football players are also going to wear the adidas 18,1 because they’re not quite ready to make the jump to playing without laces. But which boot is for you? If you’re not comfortable paying a high amount of money for a pair of football boots, then the adidas Predator 18,2 or 18,3 might be for you.

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Made for the player who likes to dominate and control space on the football pitch like Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba, the adidas Predator is one of the most sought-after football boots out there, but choosing the right football boots may feel like a jungle. So today, JayMike has made it much easier for you to find out which of the adidas Predator football boots are the right for you.

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50 thoughts on “CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE adidas Predator 18+ football boots explained

  1. Personally, I went with the 18.1 these are my first kind of boots that players wear That’s pretty cool to know that the players wear the same kind of boot 😁😁😁

  2. I have the 18.1 FG and 18.3 AG in size 44. The 18.1 has a way better heel support. At first, It is hard to step in as it seems very compressed and stiff material. But when completely inside it is a very nice fit for the back part of the foot. Sadly the boot is a bit more roomy in the front…The 18.3 is tigher there, what I prefer, but lacks heel support on both sides. Eventhough the sock's material is more loose and it is the budget version the sock souldn't be separated.

    I like both shoes and may get another one soon 💪🏻 In general tighter construction is better for me for more ball control and fit. Would be great if Adidas changes this in the next version of the 18.1.

  3. I’ve just bought the 18 3 and they are amazing the quality is good and very easy to do first touch volleys and the control is the best I’ve ever seen

  4. I got the 18.2 for 63 euros, it was 90€ but my store had everything on 20% sale, it should had been 72 euros but I guess my store made a mistake and made me only pay 63 euros :DD Steal

  5. Thanks a lot for making this video I can not afford the lace less 18+ and barely even the 18.1 so I was worried that the 18.2 would be a lot worse then the 18.1 but you have made me feel better about getting the 18.2 so thank you

  6. I want to buy 18+ cleats and I wear I size ten and I have a wide foot, what size would be recommended for me any suggestions?

  7. Unisport u r the best and as I was a very bad footballer and because of u i am in my school team and now and all because of u i became my school team captain and u even helped me buy best and good boots thank u for all that u have done to me unisport

  8. I went with the 18.3 for my budget but on white also because they where more cheaper. I had some Old Messi 16 but yeah they are comfortable for it's price, even though I never put on a $200-$300 soccer boots.

  9. I bout the Predator 18.1 and I absolutely love it, as I am a junior sized footballer I got the cleats for around 70 dollars. It costs around 100 dollars but….

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