CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE | All adidas X18 football boots explained – 18+, 18.1, 18.2 & 18.3

All adidas X18 football boots – both the expensive and cheap X18 football boots from adidas. In today’s video, JayMike takes a look at the entire adidas X18 collection featuring both the laceless X18+, the X18.1 football boots, the slightly cheaper adidas X18.2 and finally the X18.3 which is the cheapest option in the new adidas X18 collection of football boots that are ready for the World Cup.
We make a comparison between the laceless X18+ football boots that are made with Skeletalweave and a Drillium outsole to the 220€ adidas X18.1 which has a Speedmesh upper, laces and otherwise features the same tech as the X18+. The X18.2 football boots from adidas are made with a different, less premium mesh type, a higher and more padded heel counter and a different soleplate, but in the big picture the construction itself is largely the same as the X18.1 football boots. The last boot is the adidas X18.3 which costs 80€ and is made with a soft, thin mesh upper, a neoprene tongue and the same outsole as on the adidas X18.2 – and for the price, there’s a lot of value for money.

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31 thoughts on “CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE | All adidas X18 football boots explained – 18+, 18.1, 18.2 & 18.3

  1. All cleats( soccer shoes) are good guys. Don’t
    believe people who say that your boots aren’t good. Those are just personal opinions. Love your shoes and keep playing!!!

  2. I'm getting the 18.3. anyone got them personalised with their name? I'm want to get mine personalized but the website doesn't explain where the name will be on the boot and I need to know before I chose the stitching colour 😕

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