Cleaning and Restoring Superstar Slip-ons

Cleaning and Restoring these White Superstar slip-ons by using Collonil Sneaker White.

1. Clean the shoes from dirt and grime using Shoe Cleaner. Set to dry
2. Apply Sneaker White by Collonil, blow dry and might need to apply 2 to 3 sessions
3. Enjoy your newly revived White Adidas Superstar Slip-ons

Music: Tables have Turned
Musician : Mahogany Sessions


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6 thoughts on “Cleaning and Restoring Superstar Slip-ons

  1. 00:50 Start of Video
    03:30 Collonil Sneaker White Application
    05:38 Applied One Shoe
    07:32 Cleaned and Restored Shoes

  2. Hi sir! What did you use to clean the shoes? The one in the brown bottle. I've read comments kasi from other videos na nagyellow daw yung garter part or probably yung buong shoes na rin when they used soap lang.

  3. This is what exactly what Im looking for. I reallyyy messed up with the dirt on the rubber cross😭😭 Is that cleaner sold in amazon? Whats the product? I need that one😭😭😭

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