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College Student About Amrutha Pranay

Don’t worry Pranay…U r not alone… Not only me u are in the heart of crores of people… Many people are fighting for justice a post read on a Facebook page named Justice for Pranay’. Days after her husband’s Incident in a caste, 21-year-old Amrutha has taken to social media to demand justice. The page linked to Amrutha’s personal account has over 60,000 likes as of Tuesday. Within a couple of hours of the post being uploaded, the page received overwhelming likes with many supporting the cause. Speaking to the media, Amrutha said that she received numerous messages on Facebook expressing solidarity and condolences, after which she decided to initiate a social media campaign. Amrutha said that Pranay always opposed casteism and now she intends to end it through this campaign. The page has shared numerous photos of protests and rallies carried out for Pranay across the state. In the recommendations, where a user can express their opinion, several have demanded penalty for Amrutha’s father, Maruthi Rao, for plotting Pranay’s Incident.

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#ISupportMaruthirao #ISupportAmruthaPranay

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35 thoughts on “College Students About Amrutha Pranay | #ISupportAmruthaPranay | #ISupportMaruthirao | Alo TV

  1. Ah amai ki vala father mida love undalanta. Vere abai mida ravadanta.mari arrange mrg chesukoni robot to untademo Mari idi premalekunda .e white dress grl

  2. Ah white dress amai vala ana love mrg chesukunte vala mama vachi villa anna ni champite telustadi diniki apudu vala ana mama ni support chestademo. Ah amai asale badha lo unte ame ni troll chestundi .intha cruel mind e girls di

  3. Entha daridramga unnaru janaalu?? Thuuu… intha neechanga ela samarrhinstaaru aa maaruti rao ni? Maaruti rao ni support chese prati okkaru chandaalamaina mindset unna vaaru.. period

  4. అరేయ్ వల్ల కన్న నీ సొల్లే ఎక్కువ ఉంది నువు ఎంత మంది తో తిరిగవో రా…….

  5. Amrutha pranay chesindhi thapu ani argue chestnaru kada mri maruthi rao garu chesina pani correct haa..oka manishini pranam thyadm asalu a ediot ki evaru icharu right Andi…white with blue dress girl interview is very gud at amrutha pranay

  6. Sir meeru adigaru vallani, meeru ee vedeo ni youtube lo pettetabbudu, comments disable chesi pettali, vaallani tidutunnaru commenters

  7. fools idiots
    How could he kill some other person because of love on her daughter
    Case of honour killing
    Killing a person is wrong
    Death should be natural
    Can u notice these type of killings in any other nation
    He can’t digest the fact of getting married to a man of some other caste

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