[CONTACT INTERVIEW★KOREAN STARS]Ku Hye-sun♥Ahn Jae-Hyun, lovey dovey~ 20170108

[CONTACT INTERVIEW★KOREAN STARS] Ahn Jae-Hyun visited exhibition of his wife’s without letting her know.
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MC & Reporter : Kim Guk Jin, So Yi Hyeon, Park Seul Ki, Hwang Jae Sung, Cha Yae lyn, Son Han Byeol, Shin Go Eun, Lee Ho Seok,Lee Jae Eun

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47 thoughts on “[CONTACT INTERVIEW★KOREAN STARS]Ku Hye-sun♥Ahn Jae-Hyun, lovey dovey~ 20170108

  1. Is it just me or just AJH was kinda possessed by some whore demon after a year of their marriage??? He was so inlove with KHS! There were receipts of their "unhappy" marriage offcam BUT….nvm people change 😔😔😔

  2. And now he wants divorce. I actually don't understand.

    And she said he wants divorce bcz she is not that sexy or beautiful? Wtf
    I hope it's just her rage speaking but who knows

  3. Whatever or whoever I am about to pay attention, they will bankrupt or divorce 😂😂😂
    Ex: Baby r us store, Gymboree children clothes stores, some stocks, Goo & Ahn, Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus,…

  4. Seriously, some people should stop being know-it-alls. How many people have divorced since time. immemorial? Just because they're famous doesn't make them all that different. How can strangers pass judgment, like "oOoh, he never loved her", "It was just an act", "shame for this guy". Same goes for those who are lambasting KHS. Really, tho, no shit Sherlock 👀

  5. I guess Ahn Jae Hyun really did fall in love with Goo Hyesun ! It's just that he fall out of love. The reality hits that no matter how you love each other on your 1st, 2nd or even 3rd year being together, it will break in just a split of a second. I just wish that you would stop attacking each other on social media for you to be able to have peace🙁🙁 I can't judge who really is at fault on this issue since I'm just a fan and I don't really know what's the truth behind your story 🙁 I'm hoping for the happiness of the both of you.

    -Ahngoo Couple Fan !

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