1. I would absolutely love nothing more than to win this giveaway!
    Insta @_tiffanimegan
    Snap @tiffanimegg

    I no longer have a Twitter!
    I’ve followed you on YouTube for about 6 months not but I’ve watched almost all of your vids, I’m obsessed!

  2. Ummm compared to the rest of the world your like a 1000000/10 k don’t let your self of steam down because your much more prettier than she like no joke

  3. Hate to break it to ya doll but your definitely way prettier then that other gal, stop putting yourself down. Like legit, your more down to earth too I'm sure. Give yourself the credit you deserve!!!! Your more like naturally pretty, shes more like lip injections, trying to please the world with looks instead of her personality… shes pretty dont get me wrong but, looks aren't everything…. unless your like the Kardashians and that's all ya care about….. being FAKE….. I dont get that vibe from you, that automatically makes you an 11!!! ❣

  4. my dude you are so gorgeous and also like way prettier than her like no shade to her but you're stunning pls believe us ily. DAMN U LOOK GUD WITH PASTEL PURPLE HAIR

  5. I seriously get so annoyed when you call yourself ugly. Like do you really think you're a 4 or are you trying to get people in the comments to tell you you're pretty??

  6. MIA, I recently came across your channel and right away found you & your videos to be super entertaining. So basically since then I’ve been binge watching your channel and this is the first video I’ve come across that I didn’t get the awesome Mia vibe.. you’re such a beautiful girl with such a positive, nice personality, it made me upset hearing you compare yourself to Alissa violet and almost put yourself down!! I 110% think you’re just as, if not prettier than her and by far have a better personality. I’d much rather watch your channel over hers any day! Love you girl don’t let anyone knock your confidence level stay true to you! You’re such a wonderful INFLUENCE(r) My favourite youtuber by far 🇨🇦❤️ Hope you come across my message one day!! Xo Love from BC!

  7. I've watched so many videos like this and yours is by far the only one where your pictures look better then the actual pics 🤩😍

  8. Mia!! You are definitely not a 5 out of 10! You are a 10! You are so gorgeous, and real… Thats what I love most about you… You always seem so real

  9. You're so much prettier then Alissa Violet!!! Your beauty is real and your body is great! Don't put yourself down like that!

  10. This video probably would have been more enjoyable if you didn't put yourself down as much. It made me sad to hear you be so mean to yourself.

  11. Mia I dont believe that anybody can be prettier than somebody else. Beauty is subjective so not every body sees it the same. Every one is beautiful in their own way so both you and Allyssa are gourgeous!❤❤❤

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