Crack WinRAR 5 with hashcat and password lists (520K passwords)

HashCat wiki:
Password lists:

Create own password list:

Hashcat and JohnTheRipper are a perfect combination to crack passwords of various applications very fast by using the graphics card.


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13 thoughts on “Crack WinRAR 5 with hashcat and password lists (520K passwords)

  1. is it a bruteforce applyied to archive protected with password or this utility retrieve the password as hash and after that process the brutforce on it ?
    plz clarify me

  2. hey i have a file of 150KB rar file can you please crack it i will send it through gmail please reply

  3. In theory cracking an extracted hash from a RAR archive should be much faster than testing the passwords against the archive itself. Note that this technique does not work with $RAR3$*1 hashes.

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