Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out About Coronavirus Rumour

Daniel Radcliffe is speaking out about rumours circulating online that he has coronavirus

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26 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe Speaks Out About Coronavirus Rumour

  1. Funny… some guy in China who got Corona sounded just like this guy so…wham bam thank you mam…. the guy who sounds like Daniel turns into Daniel having the virus.

  2. Rita Skeeter started the rumor that Harry Potter has coronavirus.

    Would you guys rather face the basilisk or have coronavirus?

  3. He doesn't have it yet. They say 70 percent of people will have it, so, chances are he'll have it eventually.

  4. I'm going to just shoot my shot here, do you guys have any internships available soon? I'm graduating in May and I love you guys! Let me know! I will literally send you all of my info

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