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This video dives into talking about ADJ Vs. CHAUVET. Mainly focusing on their tech support. Looking into purchasing from either company? Watch this first! Hopefully it helps with your decision! ADJ!

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8 thoughts on “DJ TALK | ADJ Vs. CHAUVET

  1. Chauvet is my favourite. Especially Chauvet pro. However I prefer Buying ADJ 5p Hex or Mega Hex pars as the 5p is cheaper and brighter than the Chauvet slimpar h6. The mega hex pars are cheaper as well. Chauvet are still great.

  2. Had horrible experiences with Chauvet's customer service. More than 2 months going back and forth, even escalating it in the company and never got the issue resolved. ADJ gets my business in that price range moving forward for the same reasons you mentioned.

  3. I've owned Chauvet Lighting actually several lights from chauvet the par cans sucked for Uplighting they were only good for hanging on a truss cause the brackets were to short. I've also owned 2 kintas they were warrantied in 8 months also both of them came with screws that held the board on the side out of the board I had to fix that the first day I got them and I could only put one screw back in. Cause there was no way I was disassembling the entire fixture to put both screws in. Also 2 of the led's quit working. I've also owned a 4play and it quit working in a month
    I own 19 ADJ Lights and have not warrantied any of them I also own 4 wifely boxes and have not warrantied any of those also own a bunch of globaltruss stuff. The mini dekker from ADJ is way better then the Kinta

  4. Brandon Great Video on Chauvet and ADJ. I myself am particular to ADJ because of their customer service. Chauvet has some good products but their customer service for mobile dj line equipment is not there. Keep up the good work and excellent videos.

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