Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery TUTORIAL – Setup & Usage

This tutorial teaches you how to setup and use EDPR (Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery). I’ve included even the installation process, because you need to install this on 2 or more computers if you want to take full advantage of the software. So here i show you how you can do this and what is needed. Only 1 computer needs to run the full software, other computers only need the agent, which is available for free.

Learn more about EDPR here:

Special thanks to Elcomsoft for the EDPR licence 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery TUTORIAL – Setup & Usage

  1. I just need to break in to a bitlocker encrypted drive, i have this and forensic disk detector, this "capture file" you reference… can you explain more?

  2. Hi sethioz, thanks for the video! But how can I define the caracters of the mask attack? They were already defined in your video, for instance at minute 14 in the right part of your screen. I just want to define them like x = small latin caracters, y = all digits

    Thank you very much!

  3. i got an issue
    When i start any attack i get "ModuleSelect Failed"
    Soft does not use my GPU or just cant
    need help plz GPU: Palit GTX 1060 6gb

  4. Proper structure for the md5 file should be available in a more accessible way. I had strong headaches for hours until I saw the 23th minute of this video and figured out the correct structure for avoiding the "can't read file" error!

  5. JFYI, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery product page is https://www.elcomsoft.com/edpr.html – there you can download EDPR trial version and learn more about the product. 🙂

  6. Hello thank you first for this video, I did exactly what you have done except that I installed the server on my machine windows 8 and the agent on windows 7 machine installed on virtuellebox, but the server appears just one localhost and not two as in the video, besides the button "start as application" is grayed I can not use it, what's the problém please? Thank you in advance for your answer

  7. I bought the  Elcomsoft Forensic Software and it didn't work on Bitlocker Password Recovery Key on an external drive.   Will this software help to retrieve the password on an external drive or USB and was not created on the original PC?  Does that make sense?

  8. How does the Distributed Password Recovery Process work on an external Bitlocker Hard Drive or USB?   Since the target password recovery is on an external disk or USB, can the install of both software be done on the same computer. 

    I need to retrieve the Bit Locker Recovery Password Key. I need help on this?

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