English Conversation lesson – Adjectives to describe places (Learn English with subtitles)

English Conversation lesson – Adjectives to describe places (Learn English with subtitles)
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In this spoken English lesson you will learn some useful adjectives to describe cities, towns and countries.

A place that has a long history.
Example : Athens is a ancient city, which was established thousands of years ago.

Something very pleasing on the eye.
Example : The sea show at universal studio in Singapore is very attractive.

A crowded and very busy place in town.
Mumbai is a busy, bustling city. A city that never sleeps.

Something that is modern and very up to date
Singapore is a small country with a contemporary, modern feel.

A place which is vibrant with lots of things going on.
Hong Kong is a lively city, with lots of things to do and see.

A place which is boring and not very interesting.
Widens is a boring place to live.

A place that is charming or interesting in a unique or unusual way.
Goa in India is picturesque and has a lot of beaches.

A place that is visited by a lots of tourists.
Of the three American Virgin islands, St. Thomas is the most touristic, tourists descend in bus loads.

I hope this English lesson will help you to speak in English about your favorite holiday destination confidently.


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47 thoughts on “English Conversation lesson – Adjectives to describe places (Learn English with subtitles)

  1. အခ်စ္၏ စစ္မွန္မူသည္ ေအးခ်မ္းသာယာေသာနယ္ေျမ says:

    Can anyone explain me the meaning of contemporary by giving example sentence please.

  2. I think some of u are mistaken! The most ancient country is Persia not Egypt. Egypt was a city in Persia in ancient times!

  3. Hello teacher. my name is Quynh Anh and i 'm from Viet Nam. my country has a lot of wonderful natural landscapes and it has reputation for one of the most beautiful country in the world. welcome you to my country!

  4. That's exact what i want to be ! Thank you mam for such a tremendeus video !! You are really a good orator who has providing us such a relevant data …it'll definately helps us to getting a tremendous knowledge about how to describe places with their qualities 😀😀😀

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