Everything You Need to Know About adidas' Famous Stripes Logo

Join us as we dive into the backstory of adidas’ iconic Three Stripes logo, from its humble Finnish beginnings to becoming one of the most instantly recognizable emblems in sportswear history.


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44 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About adidas' Famous Stripes Logo

  1. The 3 stripes is totally iconic and for myself personally the leaders in trainer's market today.. Their old school range e.g city range are superb.. Run dmc link certainly is a good thing for me. Love superstar. Great video. 👍

  2. Please update your video with a Flat Map…also the Trefoil is the Flower of Life and 3 represents the Trinity. Clearly the GIZA pyramid is in the equipment logo. You said mountain. So with that said. I there is clear duality meanings going on. Research XENO adidas and Nike were using Xeno as Xenophobic were coming out. 25 years in adidas. Let me know when you see it.

  3. omg i just noticed something
    A – All
    D – Day
    I – I
    D – Dream
    A – About
    S – Sports

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