Farmers Dynasty | #19 | Does Canola Make the Most Money? |

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Farmers Dynasty! Today is a special day. Also the last day. Enjoy!

FARMER’S DYNASTY – the unique REAL-LIFE SIMULATION offers a totally new farming simulation experience and mixes elements of a Life Simulation and Role-Playing with a classical Farming Simulation game.

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10 thoughts on “Farmers Dynasty | #19 | Does Canola Make the Most Money? |

  1. does anyone know how to harvest grass on farmers dynasty, I planted grass
    to feed my cows but i have no idea how to harvest it

  2. One hint, I haven't caught up so I don't know if you've already figured this out, but from what I've read on the crops, stuff you plant over the winter does not need manure or fertilizer, only the crops in the spring and summer. Adding those to winter crops does not make any difference at all in the yield. I can't wait till they get the NPC help in there. The upgraded plow is not any significant amount better than the old one, but the upgraded spreaders are very nice, so those parts are easy enough to do a couple fields a day easily, it's just the plowing that takes forever.

  3. Don"t forget to buy fuel for your farms storage tank, or fill your vehicles. Would be a real shame if you had to call for a tow and waste E200 when you could"ve topped off before the long, slow hauls you'll be making.

  4. wish we had seeders like that in fs17 😛 would work great with the massey 135/ 200 series tractors we received recently

  5. I discovered a Euro is about $1.25 dollars. I guess about the same as a British pound used to be. For those who were curious.

  6. The rims on my pickup are all dingy. Yours are shiny. Is there an option to clean the rims I'm missing? And all these packages going here to there seems a bit suspicious.

  7. When you get the Calvin or Victoria mission, you put your vehicle next to their door and exit vehicle to get inside.

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