Filtering invalid clicks in AdWords

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00:05 So you’ve set up your advertising campaign with AdWords and you’re watching the clicks roll in, but do you ever wonder whether those clicks are coming from real users?

00:14 Some of the clicks you get might not reflect genuine user interest in your ads. Google calls these ‘invalid clicks.’ No need to worry, we’re on the look out for accidental or malicious ad clicks.

00:27 Not all clicks are equal. We have many ways of protecting you from paying for invalid clicks.

00:34 First – what do we look out for? Sometimes, people will click on ads to try to increase your advertising costs or increase profits for website owners hosting AdWords ads.

00:45 Google keeps an eye out for these tactics and – when we find it – consider it an invalid click.

00:52 We also look for automated clicking tools, robots, or other deceptive software designed to artificially increase clicks on ads.

01:01 Finally we scan for extra clicks–like the second click of a double click.

01:07 When we spot these problems we make sure you aren’t charged for them. We examine every click on an AdWords ad.

01:14 We look at various pieces of information for each click, including time of the click, any duplicate clicks, and click patterns. Our system analyzes these factors and tries to isolate and filter out potentially invalid clicks before they show up in your account.

01:31 We try to filter these clicks before you are ever charged for them. But if we miss one, you may be eligible for a refund.

01:39 If you’d like to track the clicks we blocked from your account you can add an invalid click and invalid click rate column to your campaign stats.

01:48 And of course if you think we missed something you can always ask us to investigate. We’ll process your request within a few days.

01:56 For more ideas on how to effectively monitor your account with AdWords, visit the AdWords help center.


11 thoughts on “Filtering invalid clicks in AdWords

  1. Ok, Google Ads.
    but still I have so many unwanted clicks, is there any tactics while setup the ads?
    and plz tell me how can I report to Google about Invalid clicks?

  2. This video appears to be outdated. On google adwords, you can no longer view invalid clicks this way. In fact, I can't find any way to add invalid clicks to the report. "Clicks" shows up as an option but no "invalid clicks"… Does anyone know of a new tutorial?

  3. I have 90% to 95% invalid clicks and close mu daily budget then my ads stop .
    Can you suggest me any software ya anything stop this invalid activity.

  4. If you feel like AdWords filtering is lacking, you may be needing our tool ClickCease. We monitor and block useless clicks from bots and competitors. Check us out at

  5. Google also makes mistakes! They accused my of invalid clicks and stole my money without any real proof i had any knowledge of invalid click activity. That was about 3 years ago now, my second time around with monetization. They disabled my adsense account and robbed me of the money in there. One of the questions they asked me was: Do I click on my adds or do my friends click on my adds? Now that has to be the most absurd reason to accuse a person of malicious intent unless you can produce REAL proof of it. HOW can you keep others from doing something? I told them I DO NOT INTENTIONALLY CLICK ON MY ADS and NEVER ASK/ASKED ANYONE TO CLICK ON MY ADDS!!! I have hunting videos they are some of the VERY BEST Whitetail Videos ON ALL OF YOUTUBE and the INTERNET! Just LOOK at the amount of "likes"and "dislikes" on my MOST VIEWED videos for a great EXAMPLE. I am DAMNED if I DO and I am DAMNED if I do NOT!  – Anti – HUNTERS: click away on the "DISLIKE" button because my videos do NOT parallel THEIR AGENDA ( I kill animals, LEGALLY hunting)  HUNTERS: click away on the "DISLIKE" button because my videos do NOT parallel THEIR AGENDA ( I do NOT kill every animal I film, in fact I kill very few animals)  EVERY hateful person/view has the potential to maliciously invalid click!  Also because most of my videos are hunting videos, the views go up dramatically in the hunting season, starting around September thru January. I also admitted to Google that as I was watching and trying to critique and  editing  my videos I may have let some "True View in Stream ads" run though and not clicked: SKIP. Also there are UN-SKIPPABLE ads that the only way I know how to stop that is to close out the video and stop watching it. To me this is also absurd that GOOGLE does not have some kind of safeguard in place for youtube partners from accidentally clicking on their ads and if they do just remove those revenues from their account and send them a notification that it's happening.  Quite frankly I believe Google just invents reasons to stop paying people for adds. Like they did last time for me, that would be the 3rd time. The 1st time was for "sponsors" banners in my videos. Google has since changes that policy. The 2nd time was for "invalid clicks" that I had no knowledge and still have NO knowledge of it happening. The 3rd time was for "copyright strike"  if i remember correctly and the disabled my monetization for six months. This again was TOTALLY ABSURD!!! let me explain: I had at that time 5 channels approved to monetize: Trentsnpr, HawgNSonsTV, and HawgNSonsTV2 are my main channels that I use. Google had than approve BuckingTheOddsTV and BuckingTheOdds1 to monetize, BUT ADDS NEVER STARTED RUNNING ON THEM CHANNELS. the videos that I upload on ALL 5 channels are the very same content. Google had sent me a notice and I never replied in the 2 week time frame BECAUSE there was NEVER adds to keep track of after several months of NO replies from google/youtube/adsense support, and so they put me on restriction for 6 months for something already APPROVED ON 3 OTHER CHANNELS WITH NO PROBLEMS EVER!!!!! I've been up and running again for a month, but I am just waiting for the next ignorant excuse to shut my revenues down. I didn't start creating videos expecting to make revenues on them, but I can't say it isn't disheartening to to go through all the hassles I have to get those small amount of revenues. You would think as INTELLIGENT as Google is, they could clearly SEE and AGREE that my channel is Top-Shelf and i am Clearly Top-Shelf Entertainment! The Leader in Outstanding High Quality Whitetail Deer Footage


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