Fitbit Ionic Adidas Sport Edition Unboxing & First Look

Unboxing and First Look at the NEW Adidas Sport Edition Fitbit Ionic. Get it here (Amazon): (Amazon)

* It appears that there is 1 Adidas Watch Face with 4 color options (unless I’m missing something)

/// THE GEAR ///
Favorite Wearable (fenix 5X): (Amazon)
Bike GPS: & (Amazon)
Adventure GPS: (Amazon)


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21 thoughts on “Fitbit Ionic Adidas Sport Edition Unboxing & First Look

  1. I have the Ionic Adidas Edition and with the NEW Fitbit Firmware (2.1), this is one smoooth device! Count me down as addicted to the Adidas Edition….. Great review and I'm subscribed!

  2. I just subscribed to you. You have good explanations. I am new to the fitness watch as I only used so far my phone and earbuds. I want a watch that plays music and is a great as a fitness tracker/gps and heart rate monitor. I was so into the garmin forerunner 645, but I am not sure how well it will be for fitness. However you said in a previous ionic review that most wrist watches lack in that area. From more videos that I've watch, the battery of the forerunner seems to run dry quicker than the ionic? Finally, I am not sure if the forerunner is too big to wear while sleeping (to track my sleep). That is why I am in limbo between a garmin FR 645 and the ionic. Are you ready with your video review about the comparison of those two? ☺..

  3. It's a good watch it's only 30 dollars more than the 1st one but it justifies off the first one witch was pricy any way

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