Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea (Hawaii): review of an amazing hotel

Read my review (pros & cons) of Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea here:

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43 thoughts on “Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea (Hawaii): review of an amazing hotel

  1. This was a good resort – not the best but if you're not used to luxury, you will love it. If you often stay at luxury resorts, it's alright. I thought it was going to be less busy but it's more affordable than other resorts. Great video.

  2. Amazing video. I just got back from Maui a week ago and will definitely be going back soon. I stayed in the Ka'anapali area, which has a nice vibe with Whalers Village being close with all its shops and restaurants and I did walk to Lahania, but too far for most people and much of the walk into Lahania is not very scenic as you pass through some hillbilly huts.
    Kaanapali was close to some of the sailing excursions I wanted to go on.
    I spent a day walking through the resorts in the Wailea area and they all are so beautiful and there are no guys hassling you to buy timeshares like at the Ka'anapali area….(Getting hustled on my holidays is very annoying!!)
    Some of the resorts in Ka'anapali are almost as expensive as Wailea, but nowhere as beautiful. For a comparable price point, or even 20% higher, I would stay in Wailea. Kaanapali does have some decent mid-range resorts for those who are budget conscious and lots of decent restaurants.
    Wailea has The Shops at Wailea, which is nice (ABC stores to Rolex and Gucci) and has a great pub called the Pint and Cork.
    I observed Maui as being very family oriented and there were many families as well as older couples.
    I am going back to Honolulu in February, I kind of wish it was Maui.

  3. Just one woman deserve to be with me at this beautiful place
    ❤️ love you my wife khalda inshallah soon we be there.

  4. This is definitely a (Disney) family hotel, at least compared to the other hotels you feature. I love the laughter of children, but there comes a time when the hight number of children can become a distraction for a guy like me.

  5. Used to be great back in the days but room rates got absolutely ridiculous. I can stay at much better resorts at fraction of the cost nowadays in some other parts of the world.

  6. Have you noticed, every warm weather resort is currently
    running televison commercials, trying to squeeze every last drop out of their
    winter season, by picturing empty beaches and blue waterways, while even in
    their off season, which are our hot summer months, an empty beach would still be
    hard to find…?

  7. that is unfair,,,your video is aimed at the owners of Microsoft, or alike.., not at average people with average salaries,

  8. This place reminds me a bit of the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay (and many hotels in Hawaii + California for that matter) – very nice backdrops (can't deny that) but ridiculously crowded with people everywhere making it feel like a mass market luxury resort of sorts.

  9. I've researched dozens of trips, and watched hundreds of traveler videos, and you have one of the best video formats in capturing the true essence of a resort I've seen. I believe your videos are extrodinarily useful in capturing the essence of a resort property, and helping travelers to make booking decisions. My over-all problem however with semi-professional traveler resort videos is that in too many cases they feature the best suites on a property, which in many cases is outside the price range of the typical traveler budget. Keep up the oustanding work! Our vote for best beach? Aruba's Eagle Beach.

  10. Honestly ive been all over the world and traveling in the US with a 5 star hotel group like 4 seasons isn't worth the money. I mean $500-900 a night, I rather blow that on the Amans in southeast asia

  11. Favorite beach? It’s hard to go wrong with Coogee Beach or Bondi Beach even though they’re seasonal. As for the CONUS, Rehoboth Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD are very nice.

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