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Today we are going deep into a Google Ads FREE Course that is going to help you CRUSHIT in 2019! The reality is Google Ads are completely untapped and not used properly, even with the increasing competition because Facebook Ads is becoming too saturated and too difficult to scale we need to look at different strategies to grow our businesses in 2019 and beyond.

That is where Google Ads comes into play. Using this strategy I have been able to get sales very easily using this approach for products that are winners on Facebook but not properly marketed on Google by people. This mainly is because of the time and dedication it takes, but when you get that “sweet spot”(take that as you will!), it is a money making machine that requires so much less work and management compared to Facebook Ads.

Today you will learn how to keyword research using free tools, you will learn how to use those tools quickly and easily, how to make the tools work in harmony, and how to put them into practice to start CRUSHINGIT in 2019!

This is a 100% free course made to help you all, and I hope you really enjoy it. It took a long time to put this together and a lot of testing myself to learn these strategies to provide to you.

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  1. Cristiano Pires Ads 5 days ago


  2. SUMAN ecom 5 days ago

    Hi, sir
    I want to start Google ads.

    I don't have any company registration because I start my business very low investment.

    After making some profit I will do company registration for my business.

    My question is-

    Can I start Google ads without any register company?

    Is company registration needed for start Google ads?🤔🙄

    Now If I don't give company registration documents in Google ads account then-
    is Google ads banded my account?🤔

  3. lawrence mcdonell 5 days ago

    Crush it belatedly

  4. david liović 5 days ago

    Do you still use keywords everywhere? Now is a paid tool do you have alternatives that get the same job done?

  5. jon rod 5 days ago

    hello Ricky, i've been running a skag campaign for 3 days now for my store and I am breakeven so far with 5 sales. can you give me a suggestion on how long to continue running this campaign and also what tweaks I should make. a small timeline overview of what I should do would be incredibly helpful. how long does it take google search campaign to optimize? and I will probably make a gempage. thank you for the video btw

  6. DANIM 5 days ago

    please get a good microphone.

  7. J&K Sourcing Electronics 5 days ago

    I like what you are saying and I will subscribe but please don't refer to your old videos when you are promoting your new stuff. I am a professional speaker and I never refer to old material. I make very clear my point and message, then drive it home. Either way, I do want to learn. Lot about your experience and hope that each video you release gets me closer to my goal.

  8. Make Easy Money 5 days ago

    Keywords Everywhere is now paid. Not free anymore…

  9. AllRoyal Trends 5 days ago

    Crush It

  10. Gustavo Garcia Santa Cruz 5 days ago

    Great online class! Could you please keep in mind Display and Shopping campaigns for the future?. Thanks!

  11. Dixit Vekariya 5 days ago

    1000% worth it this Google ads video thnx for shared this knowledge to us you are great guru for Shopify and I am highly inspired from you.☺️☺️☺️☺️

  12. Andy Sakhrani 5 days ago


  13. Josh 5 days ago

    I've been learning a lot from your videos! I really appreciate that you go into detail and address the specifics. Thanks!!!

  14. Hacha hich 5 days ago

    Thank you. crush it!

  15. yazctr 5 days ago

    Hey Ricky, awesome video! Just wondering with the keywords, do you not then have to go and put all those keywords on your shopify page, the ones you end up using in the campaign? And if you do, where do you put them?

  16. dewayne benford 5 days ago

    Hey Ricky I noticed at 19:19 you said that this method works for massive winning products on Facebook. So would the SKAG method not work for ecom stores like mine which is https://dealyfe.com . Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  17. hassan zerhouni 5 days ago

    what s DPA . faceboouk .

  18. hassan zerhouni 5 days ago

    off course . we want . about google search ads

  19. hassan zerhouni 5 days ago

    thank you different from all video about google ads …..

  20. hafalink 5 days ago

    Crush it


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