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Fundamentals is all about getting you good using real examples from pro play. Demonstrating basic, intermediate, and advanced champion mechanics, watching this will help you improve whatever mastery you’re at.

This week we look at TSM’s Smoothie performing multiple Alistar combos.


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  1. For any new Alistar players I would suggest not relying too heavily on Flash, even though it has forever been tied to Alistar as a critical part of his combos. If you can make plays on targets and minions for repositioning and escapes (he is limited, of course, but W can provide nice escapes at times), then you can play around the times when Flash is still on CD.

  2. For anyone watching this to learn, they got one thing wrong that’s somewhat important to learn. In the first example they tell you to
    1. Flash 2. Headbutt 3. Pulverize
    When in reality, this combo most likely consisted of
    1. Headbutt 2. Flash 3. Pulverize

    If you cast W on a target that is out of range, you will walk towards them until you are and then the ability will go off. You can use flash after you’ve buffered the W to make the W go off instantly after you flash, giving the enemy less time to react with an escape.

    This can be applied to many abilities in league and is really important when refining your gameplay. Hope someone found this helpful.

  3. pls dont inspire people to play alistar he has the 3rd lowest win rate in support and he actually loses you the entire lane phase at level 1 due to his inability to pressure at all

  4. Wait, hol up. It may be because I'm only Gold 1, but I didn't even realize that the last one was a thing that was possible.

  5. a note on the first play; he likely pressed W when he was out of range so it would automatically go off as soon as he flashed. Prepping it this way prevents that awkward second or so after the flash when someone can react to you.

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