38 thoughts on “Golden bridge on Ba Na Hills, Da Nang, Vietnam

  1. Thank-you so much for sharing. I was born in Vietnam and so much has changed since I went back 8 years ago. I'm tearing up just thinking about my next vacation there.



  3. nguyện cho tất cả những ai đi qua cây cầu này nhìn thấy đức Phật đều hoan hỉ đời đời hướng về Tam Bảo

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  5. we are doing tour to this bridge.
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  6. Don't listen to communist propaganda ! If they really care then children shouldn't be risking lives crossing river to go to school in plastic bags like this: https://youtu.be/6XzOXHKFrDQ?t=7

  7. communists don't believe in God! They are atheists! So these hands are the hands of the corrupted vietnamese communist government ready to rob you of what you have!
    Co^.ng sa?n la` loa`i vo^ tha^`n kho^ng tin va`o Thu*o*.ng De^'! Do' la` do^i ba`n tay cu?a bo.n co^.ng sa?n sa(~n sa`ng de^? cu*o*'p cu?a da^n nhu*~ng gi` da^n co' !

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  9. If someone from forgein country asked me introduce somewhere to visit when they visited to my home country-Vietnam, I wouldn't hesitate to invite them coming to Da Nang. Because there is a wonderful bridge that has already built in Ba Na hill of this city with it's unique architecture. That bridge was called "Gold bridge" because It was dressed in Gold and It was held up by God's hands, as you saw how big the hands was…you can take some amazing picture when you stand on it…and specially with a view over the sea, you will feel unforgetable with impressing sight. I think thank to Gold bridge, Da Nang in particular as well as Viet Nam in general will have opportunity to welcome more tourists.

    Thanks for reading this paragraph…I really love to write about my country and I also try to practice my writing skills…^.^

  10. Hey, Could we use the Golden Bridge footage on Travelzoo UK with over 3.5m followers? We are running a Vietnam promotion and it would be perfect for that. We will tag this FB page in the caption for credit. Thanks 🙂

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