Google AdWords Quality Score and Ad Rank Explained

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Check out our Google AdWords Quality Score and Google AdWords Ad Rank video where we explain what is quality score and ad rank so you can understand them. Your Google AdWords Quality Scores have a huge impact on your Google AdWords Campaigns, ad costs, and overall performance.

We answer the following questions in our video tutorial where we discuss quality scores and ad rank:

What is Google AdWords Quality Score?

We first start by giving you the quality score definition so you know exactly what it is. If you are not familiar with quality scores for your Google AdWords ads, they are a 1-10 scale that gives a score to the keywords you are targeting based on historical campaign performance and campaign organization.

How is Google AdWords Quality Score Calculated?

Quality score is calculated based on your expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Google AdWords uses a variety of factors including your campaign performance, how relevant your ads are to your keywords and landing pages, and the overall landing page experience on desktop and mobile devices. The better your campaigns are organized, the better your landing pages match your keywords, and how you can improve your click-through-rate for your campaigns over time. If you have better performing campaigns than your competitors for the same keywords, you are likely to have better and higher quality scores.

How does Google AdWords Quality Score Impact Campaigns?

Quality score is used along with your bid to determine your ad rank. Higher quality scores will help lead to lower costs for your campaign. Google AdWords will use your history quality scores more than your current quality scores during your campaign. When you enter the ad auction, Google AdWords will use your historical campaign performance.

Should You Optimize for Google AdWords Quality Score?

Yes, you should because high quality scores of 7, 8, 9, or 10 can represent an organized campaign and positive historical campaign performance. Since quality scores use expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience, high quality scores would indicate you are giving users a good user experience. In addition, higher quality scores can help you get more for your money. Ad rank takes into account your quality score and your keyword bid so you can actually bid lower than your competitors if you have high quality scores.

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  1. Online Marketing Strategies 4 days ago

    Adding negative keywords, and closely monitoring my Quality Score, I've really saved $$$ on my campaigns. Thanks for the vid. Excellent.

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    Hi! Thanks for a great video. How to turn on the quality score metric in the columns (new 2019 adwords)?

  6. Sarah Greenaway 4 days ago

    Hello! Your videos are so helpful – thank you. Question on quality score. I recently (just over a week ago) updated all my ads so they're in very specific ad groups (one service per ad) with keywords all related to that service as well as a complementing landing page. We are a photography business so our site is predominantly images but, with that said, I've made sure all our meta-descriptions and image names and page information are populated with the relevant key words. I keep checking my quality score but it hasn't changed. I'm wondering if this is because it takes time for Google to flag the updates or if I've stuffed my re-organisation up… Can you advise? Thanks!

  7. Mohamed Fawzy 4 days ago

    Wondering if you know how QS or Ad rank works with display campaigns?

  8. Mohamed Fawzy 4 days ago

    Thanks for the simple and informative video!

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  14. CTR Solutions 4 days ago

    Unfortunately this information is not updated, another factor for Ad Rank is the format of the extensions (and you were showing the old interface so… Not very "2018")

  15. Paul Gleeson 4 days ago

    @surfside PPC Hey guys – great informative post! Can you tell me if transferring a domain from an existing site with an existing adwords campaign (say, from WordPress to Wix) would affect a quality score? I've had a website for many years now with a campaign attached, and I've built a newly designed website on Wix which I'm transferring over to. Should I keep my current campaign and just modify it? Or start a whole new one from scratch? Thanks a million!

  16. Cristina Stafie 4 days ago

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  18. TheArtofInternet 4 days ago

    Does the historical qs factor come in place in just campaigns or the overall account for the qs google uses? Asking because a client is having me change their whole account since before the QS was generally around 3/10. Also keep up these great videos they are seriously the best on youtube for PPC.


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