Here’s why adidas Frankensteined 10 Predators together

adidas Predator Archive Mutator football boots – in today’s video, we visit the creators of the brand new adidas Predator Archive football boots, @thepredcollective aka Chris Kemp and @thepredatorpro aka Hinson Chung, to pick their brains about the brand new Frankenstein adidas Predator Archive football boots, which see no less than 10 original adidas Predator football boots mashed up in this tribute to Predator history and coming technology. Using the actual, original elements from the adidas Predator Pulse, the adidas Predator Absolute, the adidas Predator PowerSwerve, the adidas Predator X, the Predator LZ1 and Predator LZ2 and the Predator Instinct Battle Pack from 2014, the adidas Predator Archive football boots are some of the coolest AND weirdest looking football boots we’ve seen for a while.


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39 thoughts on “Here’s why adidas Frankensteined 10 Predators together

  1. The only problem with these are that they put a sticker for the lz striking element, it's not the rubber element just a sticker on a 350 euro boot. Other than that it's amazing nothing like it

  2. They should have made a second version with the left foot having the right foot elements vice versa for people who want both feet to match. They would make more money anyway as you’d have to buy both pairs to get the match but at least you’d have two pairs

  3. C’mon guys, I bought a pair of Phantom Venoms for 150€ and at your website it showed that the order was sent. However it’s been almost two weeks and I haven’t gotten a order confirmation nor my boots nor my money back. Absolutely fuming.🤬

  4. Interesting. Not a fan honestly. It would be nice if they would just release a few predator models every other year at a reasonable price point.

  5. I know this is out of topic but I just wanna day I’m quiting the dream of being a pro footballer since I’m only
    5’5 and I’m already 15 turning 16 soon 😭 I love this sport, I have what it takes but not the size…

  6. They should've made both shoes the same. I can't imagine playing in these and having different feelings with each foot. It will throw me off too much.

  7. I really like and enjoyed the video. However, Jay please pay attention to the microphone 😅 your voice is not clear as theirs

  8. Never seen shit like this boots before. Boots innovations has come to an End! So now they bring all the old boots back as a remake… ridiculous….

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