How to add a download tab button on youtube page – firefox

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Usually your youtube video has no option for downloading it. Today I’m going to show you how to add a download tab on your youtube page for your firefox browser, making your download life easier.
Step 1:
Open the link

Step 2
If you’re using firefox then you will need to download either Greasemonkey or Scriptish add-ons. It doesn’t matter which one you choose.
For example, let’s download Greasemonkey
Scroll down and right click on the Greasemonkey link, then open link in a new tab
Click on ‘add to firefox’ then click ‘allow’. It will now take a few moments to download.
When the install button appears, click ‘install now’.
Then click ‘restart now’ to restart your Firefox browser
Go back to the user script page and click on ‘Install’ in the top right corner of the page
Click ‘install’ on the small window
Then click ‘ok’
Now you can download your YouTube Videos as MP4 files
Step 3
Close all your open windows and then open a new browser. This will refresh the browser.
Now go to the YouTube page and click on any video. You should now be able to see a small ‘download’ tab just underneath the video.
Click on this to download your videos.


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  1. First ya right click here
    then ya left click there
    ya open a new tab
    and return to home page

    ya do this over'n'over
    but ya just wastin' time
    this video really sucks…


    First ya left click here
    then ya right click there
    ya need some information
    but it just isn't there

    Ya Google over'n'over
    but still get nowhere
    this video really sucks!

    One more time!!

    First ya right click here…

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