11 thoughts on “How to Add facebook comment box on Blogger and website 2016

  1. While pasting the second code error occurs in my site
    Error parsing XML, line 5208, column 69: The reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter.

  2. i would just like to ask some help. i m pasting the same thing on every post i"m doing… i will appreciate if you can check mine kimjopetsantos.blogspot.com . someone poste his comment and it appears on all the post i made. barely need you help.asap

  3. Thank you so much, I have been finding this for long time now I succeed! I'm happy now! GOD bless you guy!!.. see my blog http://dailyinfotz.blogspot.com. I'm asking, how should I desable the old blogger comment box bcoz they are two!

  4. What if someone post spam comments?
    Is there any way to get notifications on facebook after someone comments?

    BTW, nice vid, code worked for me, but didn't get wht I needed to convert the code with
    HTML Parser

  5. You need to get a voice narrator for this video. Can't stand it when people put music or no sound on their YouTube tutorials.

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