How to Add Facebook Comments to Your Website

In this video I show you an easy way to add the Facebook comment system to your WordPress blogs with a simple plugin. I now enable Facebook comments on every affiliate site because it boosts your Facebook AND search engine traffic!

See… I’m all for tactics or wordpress plugins that you can install which instantly produce better results without you having to really do anything.

The Facebook Comments plugin is just one of these plugins!

All you have to do is install this plugin…

Configure it and connect it with Facebook…

Then encourage your website visitors to comment on your blog posts.

With every comment they make…

The more search engine keywords you rank for… the longer your page stays activate and relevant… and of course, the more website traffic you receive from Facebook!

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33 thoughts on “How to Add Facebook Comments to Your Website

  1. I;m a real neophyte with WordPress website for our organization. I'm unclear on the Facebook Comments widget — you said it will appear on ALL my posts? What about pages that talk about our county that are not specifically blog posts? I think I would want them to appear ONLY on my blog posts page, no? Thnx! LindaG

  2. Is this plugin still available? it does not come up that one on word press anymore.. There is any other good one that you would suggest?

  3. Hello, thank you! As I can understand, the facebook comments affect all the parts of the blog… How I can do to add different facebook comments per post???

  4. An issue I found is that you have to be logged into Facebook to comment.. on iOS Safari it keeps blocking the login pop up.

  5. Hello guys, I want to know, I see some blog nowadays using a specific template, but i am not sure which templates, the example of , if you preview within facebook, you can see each article, ad have facebook comment, like, whereby if you view from formal desktop, you can see the article, ad have comment and like, do you guys know how to do this?

  6. How can i moderate facebook comments? Can you please tell me
    I have added
    <meta property="fb:admins" content="xxxxxxxx" />

    meta tag still not working why

  7. Thanks a lot, Dan! I just implemented Facebook comments on my blog. So since I have this installed, Should I disable my default comment section from my WordPress theme? It's still there. Thanks again!

  8. please i need a plugin that can help import the comments from the posts on a my page on facebook…like onec i activate the plugin, it will automatically find the post on facebook and update them on the same post on my website.
    Thanks please any info will be appreciated.

  9. it says "Sorry, this feature isn't available right now" what should i do please help me.
    my site is

  10. Thanks! So much for your video. I think you saved our day because WordPress no longer supports the Livefyre app or plugin or whatever you call these things. 🙂 And our comments were no longer appearing on our weekly Google hangout run with WordPress.

  11. Hey Dan, the share options that appear above the comments section on 6:53, do those come with the FB Comments Plug in or a separate Plug In all together? If so any place where I can download them? thanks.

  12. hi Dan, i've added the fb comments plugin, and i have the accounts linked to my Facebook. How do i make the FB comments box appear on my site? At the moment it's only showing on posts rather than pages (which is what i use instead of posts) Please help! I'm currently using your latest WP theme. thanks!

  13. Hello, yes I have a question. I use wordpress. So far I have not found a good picture gallery where your users can comment on them. Do you know how I can add a comment box on my site for my pictures and videos? My site is pretty much all pic and video content, so I really need a place for everyone to comment.

  14. Hi Dan, great video and very informative. I have 1 question I'd like to ask. If I already have say 100 comments on my affiliate site, will adding the Facebook comments plugin override my current comments?. I don't want to loose existing comments. Thanks. Keep up the great vids.

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