How To Clean Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers with Reshoevn8r!

The best way to cleaning Adidas Stan Smith’s is with Reshoevn8r. The Adidas Stan Smith’s are an iconic shoe. Chances are you have owned a pair or know someone who has owned a pair. The Adidas Stan Smith shoe dates back to the ’60s but was renamed in 1973 when Stan Smith inked a deal with Adidas. At the time Stan was one of the top-ranked Tennis Players in the world. Today the shoes are worn by just about everyone from fashionistas to hip-hop heads to your dad. The shoe has truly transcended the sport of tennis and has become one of the hight selling shoes of all time. This is why we decided to show you the best way to keep your pairs clean. To clean your Stan Smiths you’re going to want to use Reshoevn8r’s 4oz-3 Brush Kit. This cleaning kit comes with three different brushes, each one designed to clean different materials. The Soft Bristle Brush is designed to clean your delicate material like the mesh liner of the Stan Smith. The Medium Bristle Brush is for your common materials like the leather upper. The Stiff Bristle Brush is best for rubbers like the midsole and outsole of these Stan’s. The 4oz-3 Brush Kit and so much more can be purchased at Make sure you use the discount code or link below to save some money on your next order.

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Reshoevn8r products used in the video:
• 4oz-3 Brush Kit:
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl:
• Adjustable Shoe Trees:
• Micro Fiber Towel:

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27 thoughts on “How To Clean Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers with Reshoevn8r!

  1. I’m cleaning some white shoes right now and when they dry there are some brown patches that show up. What am I doing wrong? Hit it longer with the brushes? Put it in the wash again?

  2. CRISPY!!!! Ya'll should do some cleaning/restore/custom on New Balance 574. Just used your cleaning solution and Mink Oil on my Limited Edition ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 Bait Bruce Lee sneakers and it brought back it's luster.

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