How To Clean DESTROYED Adidas Superstars With Reshoevn8r

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In this video, our own Creative Director Doug shows us how to clean a pair of destroyed white Adidas Superstar Shell Toes. The Superstar was originally introduced to the shoe market as a low top version of a pro basketball silhouette in 1969. Over seventy percent of NBA players began wearing the Superstar because of its advanced technology and comfort for the time. Over the years the sneaker has become part of popular youth fashion and worn for casual instead of performance. Doug utilizes the Reshoevn8r Advanced 3-Brush Laundry System to revive these Shell Toes. He starts off with our Soft Bristled Brush to loosen up all the grim then moves on to the Medium Bristled Brush and finally the Stiff Bristled Brush to get all the stubborn dirt. The shoes already look great but he gets them back to looking one hundred percent by using the Advanced Laundry Detergent System. These came out great Doug! What would you like to see us make a cleaning tutorial on next? Drop it down in the comments below!


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26 thoughts on “How To Clean DESTROYED Adidas Superstars With Reshoevn8r

  1. Run DMC "My Adidas" they wore then without the laces in the 80's the first hip hop group to glabalize sneaker wearing in to urban gear

  2. Of course that group is RUN DMC!
    Dressing on stage as they were doing it on the street, top and bottom Superstar track suit, and the adidas Superstar sneakers with the tongue out!

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