How to create a photo album on Facebook 2018

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How to create a Facebook photo album

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now when you upload individual photos that’s all well and good but it’s nice to be able to create albums within Facebook. And I’ll show you how in this video. Here we go. So you are signed in and from your profile which you can click by clicking on your picture then you can select photos. And there’s the buttons there. So you’ve got the option to create album, and then you immediately are brough to your directories to upload some pictures. So I’ll select one of these images. I’m going to call this my Ice Cream Friday album. Every week family tradition we have an ice cream bought by my mother-in-law. And so add a description, optionally you can add a location.

Let’s choose the city and click anywhere in the photo to tag people that are identified in there if you want to do that. You can either use a date from the photos or pick your own date. And when you are happy you can click post.

So that’s adding pictures. But if you want to add photos and videos in addition to that you can either click there or click here and once you’re done you click post. As you can see here you can also have additional people who can add content to the same album. So you can have album contributors and specify the names of your friends. And actually when you publish a series of photos you might want to think about maybe making it private initially just so you can add the photos and then change it back to be visible more once it’s done.

Now as well as uploading photos you can also take existing photos already on your Facebook and add those to your albums. One thing to be aware of if you select photos of you is that not all of these photos will have been taken originally and uploaded to this account. So for example if I click on and edit this one I can see it has actually been published by a page and I’ve been tagged in it and therefore it has appeared on my timeline. So I can’t add that to one of my own albums but what I can do, by selecting your photos I know they are definitely taken and posted to this page. Let’s see – yes this one is a mobile upload. I’ll click edit and I can say move to other album and I can select to move the photo to ice cream Friday.

So now if we look under albums here we can see the ice cream Friday one and now there are two pictures. And there are lots of other views you can offer. You can have that album featured on your profile by clicking on that and anyone who visits your profile will see it.

So that’s it from me, have a play with albums upload the content organize the stuff that you’ve already got in your various photos taken over time and let me know how you get on in the comments. I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. And yes it is Friday, and yes I will be having a pre-Christmas icecream. Cheers.

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7 thoughts on “How to create a photo album on Facebook 2018

  1. Move to other album option it doesn't appear in my facebook account as you show on your video.
    Do you know how to fix this?

  2. Hello Paul, how can I tag a friend to an entire album that I had posted on my Timeline and make the album appear on his timeline? I could only add him as a contributor to the album.
    I have done it before in 2017 but it looks like Facebook removed these options in 2018?

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