How to Download and Play Custom Scenarios for Age of Mythology

NOTE: This will also work for Age of Mythology: Extended Edition. The only difference is that the Age of Mythology folder you’re going to use is in your Steam folder. You’ll need to figure out where your Steam folder is located on your PC (if you don’t already know.) Once you’ve done that, open the following folders:

Steam – SteamApps – common – Age of Mythology (this folder is almost exactly the same as the one that comes with the original Age of Mythology. Once you’ve made it here, just follow the steps in the tutorial above.)

I made this video because one of my viewers was having trouble getting scenarios to work. I hope this helps!

Check out AOM Heaven for Brave Sword and hundreds of other great scenarios If you’re playing AOM: EE, you can also download scenarios from the Steam Workshop.

For those of you who will be downloading Brave Sword, the password needed to access all of the files in the zip folder is “holywalrus.”


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16 thoughts on “How to Download and Play Custom Scenarios for Age of Mythology

  1. I followed all the instructions. Still the scenario won't show up in Campaign when i open up the game..
    I've looked everywhere for help, it's so frustrating..

  2. Hey, i need help! I downloaded some cool maps from AOM Heavn site, how or where(folder) i put it so it can be playable? Thanks!

  3. Once you download the file and put it in scenario file, how do i play it online? I use voobly to play the game because that's the only online thing that will play it, but when I go to map selection nothing is there. is there another folder you have to put it in? I cant figure it out!

  4. For some downloads I get xs or xml files and I can't see the maps in AoM when I put the files in the scenario folder =/ any help?

  5. I really liked the campaign map and scenario "All is not Lost". Where can i find it? Ive searched alot,im propably bad at this

  6. Made a custom map, pasted it about everywhere I thought it would work, didnt. How the F do I play my custom map I spent more than an hour working on?

  7. Thanks. Now I can play the Great Britain map again. Best part of AoM is city building (imo) rather than the combat

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