How To Download Videos For Free In Firefox (2014)… (Using the "Fast Video Download" Add-on)

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In this video tutorial I explain how to use a free program called the “Fast Video Download” (a Firefox Add-on) to download any online videos to your computer hard drive
“Fast Video Dowload”:


I used the squirrel video ans an example only! I Do Not Own The Video!

This application does allow you to download content from Youtube,Dailymotion,, Vine, and many more sites.

Piracy is illegal I do not take an responsibility if you get caught by the government downloading music or movies online!


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  1. BeastX Gamer 4 days ago

    Cheers mate u helped me out

  2. Matthew Holland 4 days ago

    Nice video! You should also check out VIDCONV. NET! Just in case this didn't work, or something else, you could try this out, they have an extension for Firefox and Chrome!

  3. GoalieFananza 4 days ago

    really good video. helped a lot! thanks


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