How To Preview Your Google Ads While They're Running – Google Adwords For Shopify

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Khadirah Muhammad, from, is a Certified Google Ads Specialist with a nerdy interest in all things PPC and Search Engine Marketing. She has worked in digital marketing over the last 4 years with education companies, big fashion brands, and local marketing agencies while servicing clients in multiple industries from fashion to industrial.

Her wealth of knowledge and passion for PPC has made her want to give back via online trainings on the complex world of PPC Marketing, hence the release of these PPC and Google Ads training videos.



⚾ COACHING – Want to nail it with your Google Ads campaigns? Khadirah is accepting applications to work with him on a one-on-one basis. Everything from setup, to implementation, to optimization.

💻 SETUP – Interested in speaking with Khadirah about setting up a campaign for your business? She and her team can set it up and manage it for you OR you can manage it yourself. It’s really up to you.

👩‍💻 MANAGEMENT – Looking for someone to take over your Google Ads campaigns and manage / optimize it for you? Khadirah and her team are now taking on new applications.

💼 CONSULTING – Need help with finding problems with your Google Ads campaign or help with optimization? Khadirah can help train you or your staff. Travel is an option or remote training (using screen capture) is available. She has clients who use his services monthly, every other month, quarterly, etc.

🗣 SPEAKING – Interested in having Khadirah speak at one of your events or for your staff? She LOVES those opportunities and brings a lot of passion, knowledge and especially humor to you and your group.

If you’re interested in working with us, please schedule a call with her here today –






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