How to recovery VBA Project password in Excel 2016 when forgotten or Unknown

This Video, show you about how to reset password or recovery password or hack password on VBA project of Microsoft Excel 2016,Microsoft Excel 2007,Microsoft Excel 2010,Microsoft Excel 2013. use XVI32 Hex Editor or other Hex Editor version.


40 thoughts on “How to recovery VBA Project password in Excel 2016 when forgotten or Unknown

  1. IT WORKED! dont forget to change the password in the end like i did! Also protected cellls are easy, with the same method you "unzip" look for sheets in xl>worksheets> and look for "sheetProtection" Delete it all, all the cells unlocked!

  2. This Works, You need to follow the directions exactly. common mistakes is when the files need to be .xls and .xlsm, these need to be correct at the right time or it won't work

  3. Sir – Thank You.
    To those having trouble reopening it or getting the corruption error, ***do not delete the 'B' and then add the 'X' (and make sure it is a CAPITAL X). I got these error many tries, but it is because removing and then adding a letter changes the file size. Highlight the B and just type the X over it. Then save and voila!

  4. I was able to open the .bin file in a notepad++ just regular text file, search for DPB and change it to DPx and followed the rest and it worked. Thank you for putting the rest of this out there. This helped a project manager that forgot their password.

  5. I have a .xls file which has VBA password and I want to open the module. As per your video the zip folder does not contain any xl sub folder. Please help to recover or remove the VBA password

  6. Thanks a MILLION.

    I built it in Excel 2010 for my job at home, got to work and opened it in 2013 and low and behold, Micro$oft had removed the calendar control that I added to it to select the date. I had to build my own on a form with combo boxes. They called me today wanting me to add 2018 to the calendars year combo. I was going to tell them how over the phone, but they didn't have the password that I gave them and I couldn't remember it. If not for this video, I would have had to rebuild the entire sheet. I never burn a bridge. 🙂

    Thanks again. I certainly subscribed.

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